A General Academic Cooperation Agreement Between Florida National University FNU And Asean University International AUI 

Both institutions agree to establish ties of friendship and cooperation for the purposes of promoting mutual understanding and possible exchange of  faculty and students.

Florida National University hereinafter referred to as FNU represented by Dr. Maria C. Regueiro,President. And Asean University International. hereinafter referred to as AU I, represented by Prof.Dr.Zahid Haque, Chancellor, mutually agree to promote exchange activities and international understanding.


The objectives of this agreement shall include but are not be limited to the following:

I . The development of collaborative research projects involving our respective facult ies.

  1. The organization of joint academic and/or scientific activities, such as courses or
  2. The exchange of research and teaching
  3. The exchange of students, undergraduate and grad
  4. The exchange of academic publications and other materials of common

Administration and Implementation

  1. This general agreement will be in effect for a period of five (5) yea rs at which time it shall be reviewed for  possible extension.
  2. Both institutions will designate an institutional coordinator to facilitate the development and conduction of the various
  1. The coordinators will be responsible for the direction and supervision of all activities

the joint programs under this agreement, subject to the rules and regulations pertain i n g to each institution.

  1. The coordinator for AUI would be Dr. Zahid Haque, Chancellor, email:chancellor@asean-university.net, phone number (+60) I 120033433, and for (Partner University), (name), (position), (contact information: e-mail, phone number).
  2. No financial obligations arc assumed under this Fund ing for any specific program or activity shall be mutually discussed and agreed upon i n writing by both parties prior to initiation of same.
  3. The selection of students, faculty, and staff members participating in any exchange programs or projects will occur through a mutual l y agreed upon process between the two
  4. Supplemental agreements will address such issues as: specific duties and responsibilities, schedules, budgets, evaluations, and any other items necessary to efficiently accomplish the
  5. The parties agree  that  no person  shall  on  the  grounds  of  race,  color,  national  origin, gender, sexual orientation, or creed be excluded from participation under the terms of this Agreement.

Approval of the Genera l Academic Cooperative Agreement


Th is agreement will become effective upon being signed by the Presidents of both institutions. This agreement may be terminated by either party provided the terminating party gives written notice at least six (6) months prior to termination. The terms of this Agreement may be changed or modified only by written amendment signed by authorized agents of the parties hereto.