Your conference has just been upgraded to our full service and you are now ready to employ Social Conference Management for your team and participants. These are the next steps you should take to set up MyMUN:

1 – Update Description

Check your conference description and make sure all the information is up to date – add a detailed description if you haven’t done so. You must also submit a support mail address – this is the address to which your applicants will send their questions and concerns. Start here.

2 – Application Settings

Check our Application Settings here: Choose which type of applicant may sign up in what time period, what their fee should be, and when that fee is payable. Disable certain applications alltogether by unticking the checkbox to the left at any time – updates are always immediate! Start here.

3 – Committees

Set up your Committees and add Committee Members to it. Your Chairs and Delegates may only apply to spots you have created this way, so make sure to complete this step before opening registrations! Start here.

4 – Finanical Settings and Offers

You have to submit wire transfer or PayPal information so you applicants can pay your fees. You may create additional offers they may purchase, such as social tickets or accommodation. Start here.

Robin Schoss 
CEO & Founder, MyMUN